The April Fools ... that "Wasn't Foolin'"!

Hey All,

So a special message got released yesterday on the Official Transformers TCG Facebook page, and on the official Transformers Twitter (@TransformersTCG)...

We're just getting into the meat of Wave 2, but it's great to know that there's more around the corner! It's very nice to see that there's going to be Release Day and Promo Card support. (At the Event Location Pretty Please!!) We're also very excited about that In-Store play support. (Team RTFC is looking forward to this in particular)

We'll have to wait a little longer for more,  but we'll be here to report and talk about what comes down on the 8th!

See you then!

Transformers TCG - Podcast Test

Hey All,

We're testing a podcast feed. Don't mind the dust!

Direct Download Link Here.

Transformers TCG - Team RTFC Deck Test: Almost Optimal Bee Sting vs. Devastator!

Team RTFC Deck Test: Almost Optimal Bee Sting vs. Devastator! We're testing stuff out still, and gave some shiny new things for everyone, enjoy and comment!

Direct Download Link Here.
Audio Only Download Link Here.

Welcome to the Team RTFC Transformers TCG Info Vault!

Hey All,

Welcome to the Team RTFC Info Vault! Here you will find articles and resources pertaining to all of the games and other things that involve Team RTFC. We'll have decklists, tournament round-ups, other things that relate to the team in general like events that we might be attending or hosting, and  much more!

Please also forgive the dust, we're going to be making some changes along the way.

Have feedback, questions, comments, or things you'd like us to share here for you? Great!

Hit us up at:

See you soon!